I came across this article and there's loads of women in the comment section fawning over their younger boyfriends LOL!!

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  1. STEVE

    I doubt they are. This is a very minor trend. Women are too vain and narcissistic to sustain a relationship with a younger partner.

  2. Rick

    Women reach their sexual peak in their 30s and men do this much younger - in their teens. That explains why.

  3. Anonymous

    idiot. jlo's boyfriend is physically mature enough. women are attracted to youth and virility. most of the time, older women prefer guys in 20's for sex since men in 30's and 40's have lower sex drive and are too busy on their career/vices. it is in his 20's that a man has both youth and virility.

  4. Trollzør

    The same reason us guys like younger chicks. Tighter pūssies, cuter, perkier tīts and āss, and just better looking.

  5. Murzy

    it makes them feel younger a nd it helps recapture their youth

  6. Mick Dash

    they basically treat younger guys as sex objects and older guys as utility objects

  7. Nicole

    Older men do this as well. Same drifference.

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