Earl : very cute. Reminds me of a story I heard about an Asian student on homestay in the US. He was encouraged to say what he was feeling (to practice his English as well as to acclimatize to western ways). One day his host mom asked him how he was feeling, and he said "I'm angry". She was taken...

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  1. Lighting the Way to

    Why are Christians OK with accusing atheists of being OK with rape?

    Anyone who believes that their wrongdoings can be atoned for by the suffering and death of someone else has no business denigrating the morality of those who don't believe that kind of perversity.


    See my comments following @Matthew's answer.

  2. Fingers

    This is done because they have no proof of their god (aside from their big book of assertions) so they try to turn the argument away from that point by making silly/stupid/ridiculous accusations like this in the hopes that atheists will have to spend a bunch of time defending this. Its just what they do.

  3. Earl

    A elementary school teacher told her students to draw a picture and write about something that happened to them recently. A little girl drew a picture of herself laying on a rug and her father standing over her. She wrote, "We got a new rug and my Daddy raped me."

    The teacher, being an experienced professional, took the little girl aside later and invited her to talk more about her drawing. The child happily told her, "We got a new rug and I laid down on it and Daddy wrapped me up and dragged me around on the floor. It was fun!"

    The teacher helped the girl correct her spelling error, reminding her about silent letters and double consonants.

    The end.


    Anon, thank you for that story!

  4. Matthew T

    Atheists tell me they get their morality from society so if their society approves of rape, then why isn't it okay?

    I don't know any atheists? I grew up in a very rough neighborhood where almost no one held any belief about God.

  5. Donut Tim

    Since they cannot produce a deity, they must change the subject and try any other way to persuade.

  6. Chi girl

    NO Christians I know do that.

  7. Turn it up! Bring th

    Lying for Jesus is a virtue to some...

  8. Cato

    Cuz we can.

  9. Taylor

    Please stop with the SPOKESMAN for Atheism Crap

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