I have notified the landlord who likes to send his own handyman out, even though there is a management company, I pay the rent to. I've told the management company, and I also told the landlord it needs to fixed. Neither have done anything. The handyman came out to fix the water heater, and now water is...

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  1. Ricki

    You need to read your state's landlord and tenant laws.

  2. Big Deal Maker

    You must first send a cerified letter for the items to be repaired according to section 1941 and 1942 of the codes. Repair and deduct law. If within the 30 days they do not repair the items you then have the right to have it repaired.

  3. JMITW

    In the US, legally the dishwasher must be maintained in working order even though you can do dishes by hand.

    if you can repair and deduct or otherwise withhold rent varies by state law.

    that being said.....even if you can legally repair and deduct, expect the landlord to find a reason to terminate your lease once it expires...even though retaliation is illegal...LL will likely get away with it

  4. Pascal the Gambler

    That depends on where you are.

  5. Judy

    no. And you don't say how long 'after all this time' is. The water heater is a high priority, but a dishwasher? it's possible to wash dishes by hand.

  6. tro

    no, rent is rent the dishwasher is a very minor part of it, you lived there, slept there, turned the lights off and on, you owe the rent

  7. Anonymous

    Do you want to continue to live there? Then no, you can't deduct from the rent.

    WRITE a request for the repair. Sign, date, and then make a copy for yourself.

    Then you mail it certified so you know they get it.

    Then you give them a reasonable amount of time to make repairs.

  8. Gady

    2 points

  9. Tavy

    NO, that is called witholding rent which can get you evicted.

  10. canadacraig

    You're right... it's not fair. But NO you can't pay to have something fixed and deduct it from the rent. The only way that would be possible is if you got permission IN WRITING from the landlord to do that. It might to be time for you to seriously consider finding a better place to live. Even a smaller place with less problems would be better.

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