I know I need training but I need to know where to go I live in Biloxi,Ms I don't know many acting schools or those that provide training I really want to become a professional actor or even make the big screens do you know where I can go to achieve this?

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  1. Katrina E.

    If you're 25 now with little training or experience of understanding of the business - will you be a professional actor within a year? No. Sorry, but it doesn't really work like that. Especially if you need people to tell you exactly where to go and what to do. Professional actors need to be self-motivated and self-starters. There's no one way to become an actor. It's not go here, do this and then you're an actor. It's like starting and running your own business.

    So go research what training is available in your area. Go see plays and film festivals and talk to the people active in your area. Ask them for referrals. Get involved in community theater and make sure you love the craft of acting and that you are extremely good at it. Try making your own films for fun.

    If you're willing to move - look for acting programs that you think might work for you in places where you'll be able to support yourself while you work on an acting career. Most professional actors don't support themselves by acting alone.

    Read industry websites like and books about the industry. There are a lot of scams and rip offs out there that prey on wannabe actors who mistakenly think they can just be "discovered" or something.

    It's possible to have a professional acting career someday even if you start at 25 - but remember it would be YOUR career so you need to take charge of it.

  2. hillbilly

    Start by joining a local theater group. Surely there are some around close. Then they can direct you to schools, etc.

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