Im a 17 year old guy and am starting at a new school after the summer for private reasons. Im a nice guy but am reasonably shy and have some trouble talking to people i dont know. I know some people at the school so thats good, but id like to expand upon that. I have more troubke speaking to girls than guys. 1) How...

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  1. linda

    1 and 3)f you are in class, you could ask someone a question about what you are supposed to be doing etc. you could also make a comment about the teacher that is funny. Complimenting someone also works well or talking about last nights game

    Be confident and swag!

    2) keep asking questions about them and be funny. Most people love talking about themselves (don't ask too stalkerish questions tho lmao) and they also like people who make jokes. If ur bad at jokes tho just avoid them (no joke is better than an embarrassing joke)

    4) ok so girls like guys who pay them attention- when u talk to girls, act super confident and look them in the eye. When u first meet them use the same conversation starters u would use with anyone else. Again be funny and show them interest.

    Good luck:)

  2. Whiteboy Killa

    Whoa, I'm literally in the exact same situation and I'm 17 too, except I'm not going to a new school. Guess I'm not the only

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