Does Gandermountain or Cabelas sell sub machine guns? I am looking for a Mac 11 or an Uzi I want to take em to the range and impress people.?

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  1. Russ in NOVA

    Nope they do not sell NFA firearms. You need to go to an FFL with the Class III SOT for that...and of course pay the prices (staring at $10000) and wait for the multi-month background check with the ATF.

    I think just waving $10000 around will impress people.

  2. Mark Jack

    Nope, those are class 3 weapons which you can't legally buy except through the expensive and time consuming NFA process. You can however buy semiauto clones or find a range that rents real ones and shoot them there.

  3. Tex

    Yes. Stop into any Gander Mountain or Cabelas and ask at the gun counter and they will take you into the back room and show you some.

  4. BigHammer

    Learning the English language would impress people far more than a sub-machine gun.

  5. Anonymous

    No, but Tactical Innovations does. I think they are out of Uzis but do have MAC-10's in stock, both in .45acp and 9mm. Woops. They're out of 9mm. But they still have plenty of .45

    Bring money. They're not cheap.


  6. Anonymous

    You would be looking for thumpthing in the way of an AirThoft toy. You can get all the informathion you want in the gay and lesbian thection. Richard Thimmons hangs out there and he knows everything about imprething you girly men.

  7. Missourian

    Lol. What is diametrically opposite of 'impress'. Cuz that's what people at my range will express.

  8. Fatefinger

    Don't feed the troll.

  9. Matt W

    You'd only succeed at wasting your money, wasting your time and making yourself look like a fool.

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