I understand that there is an explanation and I'm very curious.

Thank you.

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  1. jimm

    Flat earth theorists....
    Let me prove you a stupid scale
    1 is Albert Einstein
    5 is an average human being
    15 is the average American consumer
    16 is the average flat earth theorist
    and 17 is the American liberal.

  2. Brilliant Answer

    Well imagine this sugar bowl is the sun, and this dinner plate here is the earth, and the table is space, gravity is pulling in the cultery and serviette, now when I hold the plate in this hand over here, and here's the sugar bowl, hold this a second, now look at the way, you see this, now hand that back to me (at this point I'll drop the plate on the floor and run out of the room to get a broom and everyone forgets the question.

  3. Tom S

    "Flat-Earthers" are not theorists, theories require evidence. They have no explanations for anything, they are just trolls.

  4. Lucius T Fowler

    I can't remember, it's some interesting physics, however.

    One of the interesting theories of the flat earthers I ever heard is that planes don't really fly, they just lift off a little and wait until the flat earth comes by at the proper moment, and then land.

    I'd rather believe in the hollow earth theory and that human reptiles are among us than in that.

    But, on the other hand: The "discworld" series of novels by the late Terry Pratchett is worth reading.

  5. Al

    You can find plenty of their ignorant theories using a google search.

  6. Kieran

    The Aztecs believed that the Sun was created and destroyed each day. This is actually one of the best explanations as it fits most of the data (except satellite data).

  7. Dіє Катzє

    They believe that the Sun moves in a circle around the North Pole, essentially acting like a spotlight over certain areas of the Earth when it is daytime.

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