How was it that the fifty-five men who gathered in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787 were able to accomplish so much in the course of less than four months, while members of our current Congress seem to accomplish so little?

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    The time something takes to achieve is an function in which the number of people involved is the most important factor. Squared factor, even.

    One person; get it done right away, depending how long whatever needs to be done takes. Call it a week.

    55 people; four months

    Congress; 435 and 100 people, respectively, so .... 27 years and 5 years, give or take a few months.

    ( Look at NASA too; it took a decade to put a man on the moon, it takes WAY longer now to even get a single new rocket design done. Too many rules, too many people, too many 'special interests' and most of all; a hell of a lot of bailiwicking and office politics. )

  2. yolaincognan

    You may have heard already the trite statement, but quality really is more important than quantity.

    The division of labor inevitably diminishes the quality of a person and therefore we have to come up with ways to justify this and deceive ourselves about what is really happening. There were no new ideas in the Constitution. Selfishness invites tyranny. Essentially, there were many fewer notions of truth and therefore less distractions from reality.

  3. Gawain of

    The party system had not developed. For most of our history, the parties worked together to create compromises to develop laws. Over the last few years both parties have decided that compromise is bad, so nothing much of importance gets done.

  4. Ratima

    because hamilton was there

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