There was a Southwest plane that landed at a wrong airport and an Alaska airline plane landed on a wrong runway in Seattle I think last year or this year. Do you think they got fired for that? Or do they just get warned or places on probation or something?

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  1. Eric West

    It depends entirely on the circumstances of the case. Everybody is entitled to a fair hearing.

    However, with modern technology it is fairly hard to do, and one would have to wonder what the non-flying pilot was doing while the landing was going on!

    However, in a visual approach, to an airport which is similar to what you expect to see, about where you expect to see it, the mistake can be and has been made.

    What action would be taken would depend on a very thorough review of the incident, including how the approach was undertaken, what navigational aids were being used and the whole crew's decision processes.

  2. Andy

    It would depend on the circumstances of each case, so follow them on the news and airline enthusiasts websites to find out. There may have been legitimate reasons for those incidents, such as a navigation equipment failure requiring landing at a different airport; or landing on a runway different from that assigned at Seattle because of s problem the pilot saw for himself. If a pilot landed on a taxiway instead of a runway, for example, there would be little excuse and there would probably be a disciplinary hearing for that.

  3. Skipper747

    If the responsibility of the captain is verified, he may be reassigned to be first officer for a few months .
    I also have known of 30, 60 or 90 days suspensions (without pay) for captain, first officer (or both) -

    When an incident of a minor type occurs, pilots often complete a proficiency check (simulator) -

  4. Angela D

    we're human and sometimes make mistakes.

    too many mistakes will attract attention and is likely to be career-limiting...

  5. Warbird Pilot

    No, although perhaps they should.

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