can you die from hyperthyroidism, and if yes, what are some of the symptoms of dying from it. because i've been feeling real dizzy and i've been having a feeling like someones poking me in the heart with a pin. and ive been having this striking pain in the back of my brain/head.. what is it?

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  1. Bill

    Ask your doctor. Were you diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, or what makes you think you have it? If you're taking medication, your doctor may need to change it.

  2. ♥Sweetness♥

    Go to your doctor and get the information you need, and get a check up. Don't ask people on here for medical advice~~ we are not doctors and cannot tell you the proper information other than what we google, and that is very dangerous.

  3. k w

    naw man, first drink water, not soda, ok, plenty of water no sugary garbage, and take a good quality are simply de-hydrated, happens to plenty of people

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