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  1. XTX

    get a plastic bag and a wire coat hanger and take the pad out of the toilet --- the only place that will not clog with the flush of a pad is a commercial building .... Please accept this in the manner it is given to help you to never have this problem ever again === do not put any thing down the tube other than the normal human waste and the T- paper .....

  2. Rini

    You should NOT be flushing any feminine hygiene products down the toilet. Big rule.

    If the toilet's flooded, I cannot help with that, but at least throw the pad away and clean up as best as you can. Hopefully your friend will understand that you made a mistake, and forgive you (^ ^;)

  3. mustanger

    I can't believe anyone would attempt to flush a pad down the toilet. Your only hope is to call a plumber.

  4. G

    Climb inside and close the lid.

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