"You have FEWER posts deleted, not less" Dam Grammar Nazis :)

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  1. Jea

    I have been getting "report notices" for some really benign posts. It seems that christian 'reports' carry more weight than others. They seem to have enough accounts to 'report' an answer to death all by themselves. But a very disgusting and sexual post about me personally, was reported no less than 8 times (that I could confirm) and remained standing. Just the christians exercising their special privilege again.

  2. Julius

    Most Likely.

  3. Nous

    Seems likely!

    She is certainly seen as one of the biggest blockers on here!

    But tke heart her intolerance for everyone proves her preaching is false and not only drives people further away from her God but so many DECENT people into becoming ANTI THEISTS!

  4. marsel_duchamp

    Nah. I have said some really strong insulting stuff about her that has not been reported. As vile and drunk as she is at least she doesn't appear to be a report monkey.

  5. Chi girl

    Oh, I don't know. I've recently gotten reported three times for posts that were jokes.

    And you shouldn't be calling out other members.

  6. Earl

    "Correlation does not equal causation". That being said, I find this information interesting.

  7. Cato


  8. Anne Arkey

    (You have FEWER posts deleted, not less).

    Fireball might have lost her credibility with YA for over-reporting. Just a guess.

  9. Ruth

    She's a very fair person. If you were reported by Fireball you deserved it.

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