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So in my public school I was supposed to write a poem about "autumn" which was supposed to be 18 lines long. In one one those lines I wrote "Autumn is the season I do not like, but when winter comes I'm committing suicide." to exaggerate my hatred towards the cold weather. It wasn't...

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  1. Enguerarrard

    Schools have become hysterical over school violence, bullying, and suicide. If they don't take students seriously, people scream incompetence. Ask if you'll have to pay for any of this. I doubt it, NJ is not a poor state.

  2. Lucius T Fowler

    Oh my frickin' goodness!

    Your school authorities are more crazy than you are. Of course "like" rhymes with "-cide", if you want.

    I'd rephrase it:
    "Autumn is the time I'd like to kill,
    like the schoolboard's director I will"

    Let's see what they make of that.

    They're crazy. Just frickin' crazy. To get you psyched because of a poem, what kind of madness is that? Shakespeare couldn't have written Hamlet if people had been that crazy, and I can't even say "if this be madness, yet there's reason in it", because there is no reason in it.

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