I start looking through this gigantic family house and I get so lost everything seems like a maze then I get out but I'm no longer there I'm at this hotel that has a open water spa and arcade/movies I try to go to the movies and this cat has a grudge on me and tells me "I'ma f* you up b* I run into...

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  1. WinterRose
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    This dream jumps from topic to topic, and from place to place, so I am wondering if you are leading too much of a hectic Life. I would sincerely suggest you take some time out and sit down in a very peaceful park, away from everyone, and just be quiet and listen to the sounds of nature, or the sounds of silence. You are way too busy to be healthy. Slow down your Life. You are moving way too fast, Learn how to deep breathe. Please think about my reply. You are spinning your wheels and you need to stop and be quiet for awhile. I wish you well Brianna.

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