The other day my moms boyfriend said that he had a dream I was in a really and car accident, what could this mean?

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  1. WinterRose

    Sounds like he wants to get rid of you.


    Hmm! He wants you out

  3. Jjbones

    I would advise people to be careful on the road regardless, but sleep is time for the mind to wind down. to not have to worry about everything and instead dedicate thought to certain topics that cross your mind. It could be that you're mother's boyfriend is worried about her driving or at the very least, he's cares for her safety.

  4. Suhaila Okab

    i dont know if this would help you but it help me there is this Islamic website called my Islamic dreams and it would explain this dream to you, i hope this helped.

  5. paul

    it means you need to go play with your x box

  6. Andrei

    Dreams can sometimes be warnings. Please be very careful if you're driving, or in a vehicle with anyone else, or even walking. Look around and be extra cautious. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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