It comes in 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm, and 22 mm sizes. All I know is the tire is 26" x 1.95"

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  1. Tony

    The rim tape is to cover the spoke nipple heads so they don't puncture the tyres. Use the widest tape that will fit inside the well of the rim.

  2. Old Hippie

    Depends on the width of your rim - which you did NOT state. Most likely the 22 mm width. Know who could tell you with 100% certainty? A BICYCLE SHOP salesperson or mechanic. Imagine customer service & advice. Amazing.

  3. John M

    Measure the width of the rim where the tape will go.

  4. Betty

    I don't know

  5. WleAtl-2

    take off the tire and measure the channel where it will go

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