Is it wrong for teenage girld below 18 to get pregnant?

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  1. Ranchmom1

    If she is married and in a life situation where she can take care of a child, there is nothing wrong with that. I know three women who were sixteen when they got married and became mothers before they were 18. All three of them are still happily married - two of them for over 50 years, and one for 15 years.

    If she is intentionally trying to get pregnant without any commitment from her potential child's father and she knows she will struggle financially to support her child, she needs to seriously reconsider her plan. Some teens think having a child will give them someone to love, and they don't think beyond that. It should never be the job of a child to resolve his or her parent's emotional problems.

  2. Jackie m

    If she is married and has own home and financially stable then nothing wrong with it but how many 16-18 year old are in that situation? Why give up a teen life to raise a child?

  3. Katherine W

    Yes, actually, whether she's married or not. Children do better when their mothers are a little older. There's even an improvement if the mother is just 21. Children also do better -- in school and in life -- when their mothers have more education and make more money.

  4. Rachael

    The Bible does not condemn pregnancy just fornication, adultery and pedophilia, and rape. The Bible is clear that a child is a gift a blessing from God, whatever the circumstances surrounding that child's conception. And no life come into being with out God pre-planning it from the beginning. So pregnancy is never wrong, however the circumstances leading up to it might be immoral.

  5. michael

    mistakes will be made, as long as they try their best to be good mothers. its not wrong, but its not easy at that. as long as its personal and between people who are willing to work together to make a better life if such a thing should happen it isn't the slightest bit wrong, just not common or looked good upon in society.

  6. Nightwalker

    No. Even back in time, if you were old enough for a period your old enough to have a child. I don't get why people frown pregnancy so much

  7. nalla

    she is 18, normally not finished school, so, no experience, no education,no skills and no maturity, no travelling experience, just a breeding machine, not much hope really. 25 perfect age to start that kind of grown up shi--t

  8. Philipthepale

    Not necessarily.
    It may be irresponsible, depending on her particular living situation, but one's reproductive rights are sacred.

    Her body, her choice.

  9. Ruthwangeci

    it's not wrong.Being pregnant is a blessing .although it depends with the circumstances that led to that.If its willingly its okay but not being forced /raped.

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