Simply put, I bloody despise traffic. Worst thing ever.

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  1. anonimitie

    Avoid driving during rush hour.

    I've turned down job offers that wouldn't let me work off hours to avoid traffic. I know I'm curmudgeonly but, wasting my time in traffic really grinds my gears. I insist on being able to work seven until four.
    After Comment:
    Then accept your fate and learn to cope.

  2. Anonymous

    Change your schedule to avoid traffic.

    Move to where you can walk to the places you need to go.

    Or move to the middle of nowhere where population is sparse.

  3. Dan

    Go at off hours. Consider Uber or something similar. Traffic isn't so bad when someone else is doing the driving.

  4. Tassawar

    Buy a chopper or a tank if your feeling very arnold,rambo like

  5. kennethn

    stay home, never drive your car.

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