The minor in question has a passport and everything needed to legally cross the border. Also they live close enough to the border that they could just go for a drive for a few hours and be there.

Could the United states police still come get the minor?

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  1. Crim Liar

    A US police force could not extract a minor from a foreign country without the aid and consent of that foreign country. A US police officer detaining a person in Canada or Mexico would probably be considered guilty of either illegal abduction or kidnapping, and the event would cause an international event!

  2. Pascal the Gambler

    They don't let minors cross the border alone usually, so it wouldn't actually happen.

    Yes, the minor could still be returned home.

  3. Chris

    They wouldn't bother unless the parents pushed for it. Hopefully, the parents would push.

  4. The One

    parents have power over the minor. as long as he is minor...they can call the police to look for him.

  5. Gazza

    Would become a major.

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