It's that time of the year, and my parents are very determined to make it so I get a class ring. I mentioned to my mother that I didn't really care about an overpriced ring I was going to lose right after graduation, and she and my father have been pushing it. They seem to think that I don't want to get...

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  1. Sur La Mer


    I paid for mine, worn it for a few years, tucked away in my jewelry box for 4 decades & found out, they've tarnished. When you have other rings, you really don't want to be wearing that again! That was yesterday, and yes HS I had a lot of fun there, yes I can stay more years, but I got married 2 years soon after, and prefer to wear pearls, & other gemstone rings, then I had kids and my finger got big!

    Totally waste of MONEY!

    College ring, is another story, I've seen famous celebs wear their famous alma matter rings, specially if you graduated with honors.

    I have all 3 yearbooks. I used to work in the yearbook as a photographer, and when I meet new friends from HS in my FB, I go back to see who they were, what they looked like & compare how they've grown.

  2. Jamie

    I got one! Last I wore it was at my graduation. It's a memory you can have from high school! Some people wear it once there out of school for a few years then stop. I don't wear mine anymore cause I don't want it to get ruined so I leave it in the box with all my other high school stuff.

  3. ʛ ɨ ŋ ʛ ε я

    Not worth it, I never got one and I don't miss it. Notes, pictures, and like you said, a yearbook with messages from all your friends, are much more sentimental. "Class rings" always seemed like the school was just trying to make extra money off of people like your parents, who think they need every possible school "memento" while they can still get it, but $300 could be used for much better things, like a last trip out with your school friends, if anything.

  4. Lisa

    Not if you don't want one now. If you play sports or do something special in high school and want to pass it on to someone like a child in the future, they may treasure it because it was yours. I also thought class rings were silly. I got a yearbook and photo album. I did things and took lots of pictures. Would you wear the jewelry a lot? It was too big a commitment for me to buy one. If you don't want one, continue to say so. I would probably say, "I just can't see myself wearing it all the time". Don't even bring up money.

  5. John W

    I didnt buy one I was like you they look gaudy in my opinion. A year book with your friends signing it was worth more to me.

  6. god-of-war

    waste of money. They make you think it is very useful and full of memories but no

  7. Nicole

    No you won't..

  8. Jessica

    no way in heck!!! unless you love hs!

  9. C


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