Additional information: There wasn't a signed agreement, only text messages and talking. I asked for an invoices both times stating how much materials cost and how much labor cost and only got an invoice saying how much I owed. He never got a permit to do the work. He said is would save money.

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  1. Bob

    <and were told that the next part was included in what we paid.> Do you have any evidence of this? A written estimate, invoice, witness, anything? 6 months later they finally came back and finished the rest and then sent an invoice for the work.

    <The floor has fallen apart b/c it was never sealed...different flooring company come in and tell us that the floor was done completely wrong and it would cost $3000 to fix> Did you get it fixed? Did you at least get an estimate of the cost to repair.

    You need to prove either that the second invoice was included in the first payment, and/or that the job was incorrectly done.
    Not your word, but evidence. Fixing it would be very good proof.

  2. Ron

    The small claims court will go by the details on the signed agreement. If you don't have a good paperwork trail you will not do well in court.

    It the whole thing was verbal the judge will have nothing to work with.
    Do you have the text messages? If not, maybe you can get a signed statement from a building inspector saying it was done wrong.

  3. joensfca

    Take pictures of the work. Get written estimates of what it will cost to repair with statement of what caused the damage. If possible bring a flooring specialist with you to court if you even have to go.

    Verify he has the correct license to do the work. You might want to call the building inspector.

  4. WRG

    You need to counter sue.

  5. Maxi

    You need legal advice and for that you will have to go and pay for it..........

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