okay so my cat was having trouble breathing and she was coughing and she wasn't eating, so i took her to the vet , and he told me that she has fluids in her lungs so he gave her a vaccine which is gonna make her pee a lot and he'll see if that's gonna help and if it won't he told me something about...

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  1. J C

    I've only ever heard it called draining fluid from the lungs, but not a technical term. I'm sure you can find it with just that. A needle is inserted into the chest cavity (generally the cat is lightly anesthetized) and the fluid is withdrawn. The risk is due to the anesthesia, mostly. The vet should be willing to explain the risks, the potential causes of the fluid buildup, and what if any other treatment options you might have.

  2. Elaine M

    First, did the vet say it was in her LUNGS or in her CHEST CAVITY? They are two different things. The fluid in a chest cavity can be removed via syringe, however it's only a short term fix.

    Google these words --- 'removing fluids from lungs of a cat'
    Check the first five links that come up. These are the most relevant.

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