Why don't we have the technology now?

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  1. oliver

    The closest we are are genome splicing we have made glowing cats spider goats and if we mix the dna from a special jellyfish that is able to change it age back and forth we might will (the jellyfish exists I just don't remember the name

  2. canucksftw5

    Unless you stopped growth entirely, i dont think anyone would want to live to age 216

  3. Anonymous

    We don't have the technology to stop death because it is impossible.

  4. GlennyBoy

    We can't really. We can prolong life with the advances in technology, but our cells are made to eventually die. Everything dies that lives eventually.

  5. Linda

    Everything eventually dies. Can't really stop it if its natural

  6. Anonymous

    Ask Trump, he has solved all the other problems facing America. Might as well throw in cancer too,

  7. ChemoAngel

    I wish we could, and good question. That would be the best invention.

  8. rick29148

    We're not even close to that point yet....

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