I recently became a vegetarian about a month and a half ago (whoo!) and I was just curious about some dishes that anyone recommends, obviously no meat. Suggestions are welcome, as long as the dish doesn't contain avocado or papaya! The suggested dishes can be for anything really, but I prefer small meals for...

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  1. Koriroo

    That's funny I am allergic to avocado and hate papaya! Do you have any meat alternatives? Make sure you are getting enough protein as well.

    I always eat eggs rice and black beans for breakfast with some hot sauce! it's always been my favorite. Eggs are a great source of protein!

    Greek Yogurt (another great source of protein) you can make a smoothie with some frozen fruit. I love to buy plain greek yogurt and add honey, sliced almonds, strawberry and shredded coconut ( my lord is it yummy) Even adding Frozen Blueberries or mango to greek yogurt makes a yummy breakfast.

    For meals I always struggled with this as a vegetarian because I didn't always feel like cooking. Im not sure on lunch/dinner stuff :/

  2. Banner#18 Beantown

    Today was my cheat day(I usually eat REALLY boring)!! This is what I had today-

    3 cup Frosted flakes with 1 1/2 cup whole milk, topped with 1/2 cup raspberries
    12 oz OJ
    12 oz black coffee

    1 glazed doughnut
    1 cup grapes

    Lunch (Chinese takeout)-
    Veggie fried dumplings
    2 spring rolls
    egg drop soup
    12 oz Pepsi

    Whole bag of potato chips (I tried to eat half but you know)
    16 oz Fanta soda

    Whole medium cheese pizza
    bottle water

    I only eat like this once a week or else I'd be super fat!! Lol!!

  3. Louis

    I'm a vegan. but this is what I eat.

    For breakfast I usually have a smoothie which i drink in the car on the way to work. If i have time i sit down to a bowl of cereal. About once a week i treat myself to a bagel. and on weekends i might make a tofu scramble.

    A lot of my lunches are leftovers. but I also eat a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, homemade bean burritos and various kinds of veggie wraps.

    My go to dinner is a tofu and vegetable stir fry. I also sometimes have pasta or chili. I would say that makes up for about half of my dinners. the other half i try to vary one way or another. Oh and salads are pretty much a staple.

  4. forte88eng

    try mock chilli con carne made with lentils, chilli peppers and red kidney beans served with white rice and vegs. chick pea curry can be made with a tomato base or coconut milk and served similarly. i stick to porridge or raw rolled oats with dried fruit and nuts for breakfast.

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