I feel shy asking this kind of question,muslim brothers and sisters,but I thought it would be wise to ask this question as this information comes from a Hadith held to be very authentic by several Islamic scholars and even some imams in 10 different cities of Britain!!! So,why would our Prophet(pbuh) want young...

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  1. Dominic
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    It gave him an errection. The errection was so big it tickled the moon. He then flew there on a winged horse

  2. Anonymous

    For a narcissist like Muhammad it's not a big leap for him to also be an exhibitionist.

  3. Ruchjat Kosasih

    Salam Because Muhammad wanted to show how the proper way to wash the privy parts in Islam

  4. Innocent Boy !

    there is nothing about private parts
    getting bath just like filling bucket of water for prophet

  5. Anonymous

    because Syphallus does strange things to you i hear

  6. Anonymous

    He was a Pedo.

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