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What shampoo do you use on your hair?

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  1. Elle

    Drybar- Texas Tea. It's great shampoo and smells amazing!

  2. sleepingliv

    Devacurl Decadence No-poo.

  3. Anonymous

    Suave, Organix, Herbal Essences; sometimes Head and Shoulders. I like to change around.

  4. Bre

    Biotin or B5 shampoo

  5. Erik

    Alberto's VO5. Super cheap.

  6. Dhiya


  7. Anonymous

    Herbal essence ????

  8. Noralee

    Herbal Essence ,

    makes you hair smell pretty.

  9. aarah

    Oxg or any thing that is natural & good for your hair

  10. brit

    It changes a lot actually depends on what my mother buys lol, but I use dove right now

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