What is the average lifespan of transgender people?

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  1. Bliss

    2 years

  2. Ben

    I would have to guess it would be close to the same. Call a gender studies department at a university or college. I'd recommend Northwestern in the Chicago area, or UC Berkeley.

  3. Ramsay

    They are lucky to get past 50 because of all the harmful synthetic hormones. They're not meant to be taken long term.

  4. Anonymous

    Normal natural estrogen and hormones are alright but people that shoot themselves with testosterone or estrogen are looking at major organ failures, if you shut yourself down for surgery several times you won't live past mid 50s early 60s

  5. Bob

    I would say just as long as everyone else but i'm not a statistician.

  6. oh come on!

    They don't live long. Most trannies commit suicide.

  7. King

    transgenders have no soul...therefore they are immortal

  8. Jessica

    The same as anyone else.

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