My friend and I have been seeing each other a lot recently he flirts a little bit hes a really nice guy I think I've fallen for him and like him a lot But the only thing is im in a on off realitionship and have been for three years nearly my boyfriend is good to me and I do think I love him I think about him...

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  1. Anonymous

    The loser who you are with, shows that it is not quality of life even if you are with him for so long, he disrespects you and cannot handle life.

    You should not be scared of moving on or finding some one who is worthy of you, you worth it girl.

    He is a control freak #1 and you need to break free from this prison of invisible bars.

    When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

    Puzzling why you should settle for mind games and players.

    I wont be surprised if this player is not living a double life, since it is strange behavior which has become the norm, and you are being given an alternative, I would aim for a better life and break free from emotional abuse since no one will dump me first, you owe it to him once and for all to be dumped and move on with your life of calm and peace and love and respect, or if not move on until you do find that.

  2. Anonymous

    I mean seeing my friend as friends not like cheating on my bf I wrote that wrong lol

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