First off I want to say I didn't hurt anyone physically or sexually or anything like that! What I did do was for several years made the "Mean Girls" movie look like amateurs. I verbally and mentally abused my peers and "friends" because it was fun, a power trip, and because I could. In the...

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  1. Anonymous

    For every thing there is a solution. No one are perfect in this world, people does mistakes. some people realize and some never. you realized what you have done. That's GREAT. So YOU apologize every one you have hurt . IF they said no, do not worry NO means NEXT OPPORTUNITY . All the best buddy. :)

  2. ?

    Well, atleast you know what you did, and you tried to say sorry. Sadly that's the best you can do. Move forward and never look back.

  3. whyskyhigh

    talk with your parents

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