Im not talking about rent. I'm talking about the deposit I payed to move in.

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  1. WRG
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    Read your lease.

  2. R P

    If the lease is not over yet, the landlord wI'll not refund the deposit. You'll have to get your share from your roommate.

  3. Lolly

    Your personal dramas do not get you out of a contract. Your personal dramas do not belong to the landlord. You owe rent until your lease is up or until you are replaced, and you may owe for damages after the inspeciton.

  4. Michael

    Are you going to break your lease? If so, pretty safe bet you're not getting your deposit back. You'll have to read your lease to be certain.

  5. Girlie Electrics

    Probably not.
    You may still owe him money even after he retains your deposit.

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