"I struggle a lot with insecurities and it s led me to make a lot of bad choices relationally over the past 4 years.. How do I encourage him as a friend but I do have feelings for him.. Also note in prior conversation I wanted pary for The next step in my life and my Mind.. ???? Also note before this we...

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  1. Been There
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    Avoid him.
    Your "feelings" for him will cause you to become attached to someone who makes bad choices in relationships too .. he will become the agent of a lot of emotional pain for you.

    Liking each other does NOT make it work .. being psychologically healthy and mature DOES ... and this guy is not that.

    Also, long-distance relationships are known for not working, and for having long, painful, and demoralizing breakups.

    Don't be so insecure that you will accept losers as your lovers. Don't be so desperate just to HAVE a relationship .. because "NO relationship" is a much happier state than a "BAD relationship".
    And this guy and this situation have given you MORE than enough "red-flags" to understand that the is NOT "the one".

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