I'll offer some background - I'm still a teenager, and this plan is by no means immediate. I'd like to move within the next 10-15 years. First I want to graduate high school and work at becoming a sous chef or something along the lines. Is this plan at all realistic? I've been trying to look at...

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  1. Eddy
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    You are so smart to think this through. Listen, you must attend a CULINARY SCHOOL and learn to be a CHEF.

    You will also learn PASTRIES and how to make delicious cakes and pies.

    Scotland and all of the U.K. has the worst tasting food on the planet earth. I know that they actually like their food but when I am in their country (my country too --- I was born in London) I have to take the CHUNNEL to Paris to get some doggone delicious food. You are going to be the salvation to Scotland if you become a professional CHEF.

    There is a great CULINARY SCHOOL in Poughkeepsie, New York. I don't remember the name of it but they are fabulous. They are right on the Hudson River. They will teach your everything including pastries, desserts and more. But, there are CULINARY SCHOOLS everywhere. This is the most realistic perspective for your move. You need to be SKILLED in something very useful. And a CHEF is useful. You are super smart to want to do this. It is much better than going to Scotland and not finding work for the next 30 years. You will feel silly sleeping in the park inside a cardboard box.

  2. BINGO

    If you are asking this question and plan to move within those years then no because you have to ask someone online who may lead you in the wrong direction. Will you even have money ? Will you even know where you'll be living or where you'll be working? etc I think you meant this to be a stupid question.

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