My cousin said he's done telling me things and all and considering moving out. My parents feel like I take advantage of them for not helping out. I do help......sometimes. This morning my cousin said he's staying at a friend's house for a couple of days since I don't make him feel...

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  1. NatureIsBeautiful
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    Because you're acting like a disrespectful brat and you're acting like a child. Childhood is over sweetheart so stop acting like a child and start acting like an adult. I don't blame your cousin for being angry at you. You need to start respecting your parents, cousin and everyone around you and help out more. I understand you're busy with school, work and homework but at LEAST take the time to help clean up. They have the right to ignore you because of your nasty attitude. Dont use your disability as an excuse. Start acting like an adult. Don't take advantage of your family. How would you feel if they treated YOU that way?

  2. Mean Jelly Bean

    Start being more respectful towards your parents and your cousin. Do your assigned chores well, & also pick up after yourself. If you see a messy floor, sweep it up without being asked and do other little tasks when you can. Do your homework too, but give yourself a certain amount of time to work on it, so you don't just sit there screwing around pretending to do it so you can get out of helping out. You're acting like a bratty rude child, that's why they are ignoring you.

  3. Rebecca

    Get some roommates and your own place if you don't like your parents' rules.

  4. Pearl L

    maybe cause hes mad at you

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