If I can get it, do I go to the SS office & show my father's death certificate. He died years ago, but I never heard anything about this $255.00, would I still be able to collect it since it was never collected & I was never told?

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  1. Judith

    No; only if you are entitled on his account as a disabled adult child as of the month of his death. If he was not survived by a spouse and there are no children entitled to monthly benefits on his account as of the month of his death then the $255 isn't payable to anyone.

    However, his social security benefit paid in September is payment for August - that is due his estate if he lived throughout the entire month of August. If he wasn't survived by a spouse you can apply for the underpayment, if there is one, by submitting form SSA-1724 which you can downlead.

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  3. Bob

    it was direct deposited to his bank account

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