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For the last week or so ive been having intermittent pains in my left leg. Sometimes ive had difficulty walking and supporting my own weight, other times ive been in a lot of pain for no obvious reason but coming from the same leg. I was talking about going to the doctor but my gf said to man up and basically live...

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  1. Ez2Tock2

    There will NEVER BE anybody more important in YOUR LIFE, then YOU.
    Your Health and Your Freedom are the only REAL 2 TREASURES you have.
    Except for a Son or a Daughter, there is NO ONE worth you sacrificing yourself for.

    Always watch out for number ONE (You).
    Without You, what good are you to anyone?

  2. Caroline

    I think if she cared about you she would at least sympathize and see how she could help. My husband has chronic back pain and when he complains, I try to be sympathetic and offer a massage or something that might help. Maybe next time she hurts herself you should tell her Oh, just suck it up, buttercup, and see how she likes it.

  3. KJack

    This didn't happen. You are so bad at lying, that even when you type on a computer screen it is completely obvious.

  4. FancyNan

    Maybe she is tired of your whining and expects that a MAN would get himself to the doctor. Stop complaining to her, and go to the doctor.....DUH .

  5. coraann

    Go to the doctor and have it examined before it may be too late.

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