So, my penis is quite soft...even when erect....and after 5 days of quitting porn (isn't such a big deal, yeah) but I can see I have a stronger erection, but still quite soft. The thing is when I try and struggle to contract those muscles in my penis it becomes rock hard. What can I do so that it is rock hard...

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  1. Anon

    The penis doesn't get rock hard until you contract your muscles, however if you are really concerned that it HURTS to do or if your penis is really soft, i'm afraid the best option would be to consult a doctor, it is better to be safe than sorry, eh. Good luck, I hope everything turns out ok :)

  2. Philipthepale

    There aren't any muscles in the penis.
    The only muscles that are involved are those which compress veins to restrict blood from flowing out of the penile tissues.

    What makes you get hard is increased blood flow to the penile tissues in response to neurochemical action.

    Read and learn about how your boy parts work, in relation to gettin hard, here:

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