My dog has just been put down today because the vet thinks shes had cancer for months by just feeling the lumps but when i took my dog the first time i noticed a lump she said it was a cyst and even when it spreaded she still said the same thing. My dog showed no signs of illness and i also looked online at...

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  1. *****

    There are types of cancer that would feel or look nothing like a cyst, but the vet couldn't tell for sure if it was malignant or benign or what the treatment options and prognosis might be without testing. They cannot tell for certain that something is a cyst and not cancer without at least a fine needle aspirate. There are tumors that look and feel just like a cyst. I switched vets over that very issue as I had one flat out refuse to test a lump on my dog that she was "sure" was a cyst. Guess what? Malignant stage 2 tumor that had begun to spread. If I hadn't taken her elsewhere to have it properly checked, she'd have died. All lumps on my dogs that don't go away within a few weeks are checked. My new vet charges me $25 to do the fine needle aspirate.

    I'm not understanding why you would agree to euthanize the dog if she had no symptoms other than the masses? Even if it was cancer, she could certainly have had more time with a good quality of life before that became necessary.

  2. E. H. Amos

    You did not have a needle BIOPSY done?????? to the lump or lumps Could have been fatty lipomas. No, no vet can determine cancer w/o either a needle biopsy or surgical removal of the lump. Yes, you made a HUGE mistake.

  3. Elaine M

    If the lump is internal, yes it's a tumor. If it's on the skin it could be one of several different things.

    A cyst can be checked with a needle aspirate (they stick a syringe needle into it and withdraw a bit, to see if the cells are fatty tissue or cancerous).

  4. Dobiegal

    Why would you euth a dog for that without getting a second opinion from another vet clinic?

  5. Beth

    They need to draw some out with a needle and examine it under the microscope to verify if its cancer or not. Could just be a lipoma..or fatty deposit.

  6. Nekkid Truth!

    The vet can tell by feel if its a cyst or tumour, but can't determine if its a cancerous tumour by feel

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