I was with my bf for 1.5 years and during that time he constantly pressured me for sex and made me feel guilty for being unable to pleasure him. Every time we did anything sexual, I'd stop him from going any further. He'd always tell me "no guy would ever wait over a year to have sex with you"....

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  1. Amy

    It doesn't matter how long you're with someone, if they have sex with you unwillingly then it's rape. However, don't think this situation was rape. It was messed up for him to take advantage of you when you were in a fragile state though.

    You need to dump this guy. If he's pressuring you to have sex, then telling you he's going to rape you then that's not legal and really abusive. Please leave him.

  2. Daniel

    it is rape report him to the cops or tell your mom and dad

  3. Rebecca

    Dump the chump and get into counselling.

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