So I live a rather healthy lifestyle, I am not perfect, but I will always choose an apple over a cookie. I used to be overweight, but a couple years ago I was just fed up with feeling like crap and not being comfortable with myself. I eat mostly fruit and vegetables, but I still eat like spaghetti, and rice, and go...

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    Your post has nothing to do with what "unhealthy people" in general do, because most don't behave that way. Your post is about one specific friend who simply is uneducated about good nutrition (as many people are). She thinks she knows more than she does, because she's either arrogant or has consumed data from bad sources, or because she's trying to justify her poor eating by making someone else's healthier eating sound not so great.

    The issue is her...that one woman...not 'unhealthy people' in general. Plenty of unhealthy people know exactly what they should and shouldn't eat, for better health. They just don't do it.

  2. Linda

    You don't have to suffer idiots.

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