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  1. Gregory

    I believe without question that evil spirits exist and they can make themselves known in this dimension and on this planet. I've seen spiritual energies before almost every week when I worked a security job for a building out in West Des Moines. You'd see weird shadowy floating figures and white balls of light, and it would only show up on the weekends or later at night when most of the team members were gone, it had an intelligence to it. I recorded it onto my phone quite a few times and I captured one video of it following a co-worker up the stairwell to the top floor and staying right next to him for a few seconds like it was trying to check him out. Someone uploaded that footage onto YouTube for me.

  2. Anonymous

    No. Muslims only believe in the existence of Angels who serve God and Jinn who enjoy freewill much like humans. God doesn't create evil. Evil is the work of freewill beings.

  3. Ruchjat Kosasih

    Salam.Yes I believe it

  4. Anonymous

    Not at all.

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