Do feminists support or oppose holding women to the same standards and expectations that men are held to both under the law and socially?

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  1. ChemFlunky

    In some cases, I'd like both genders held to current female standards (for example, for wearing gendered clothing). In some cases, I'd like both genders held to current male standards (for example, for what constitutes adequate grooming). In some cases, I would like both genders held to some standard between the two, or some alternate standard. In a *very* few cases, mostly where the actual physical differences between the sexes were a relevant factor, I'd want men and women held to different standards.

  2. Anonymous

    Feminists oppose oppose equal standards. Feminists have argued women should hav easier standards for military, police and firefighting. They have argued for separate standards for women in sports. Feminists have argued only women be granted access to domestic violence shelters and not men. They have argued women owned businesses be advantaged over male owned. It goes on and on.

  3. Neo

    Can't deny theres a misogynist troll here but feminists want special treatment for women while it harms men on the other side and that's not fair.

  4. Mick Dash

    In theory, support
    In practice, oppose

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