Would if be possible for a 17 or 16 year old to live on their own in an apartment building (or something like that) if their legal guardian is also living in the same apartment building and checking up on them? Do you think the person owning the building would be hesitant to rent to this person? This isn't for...

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  1. Pascal the Gambler

    LL would be hesitant.

  2. Donald B

    The owner cannot rent to someone under 18 as no one can sign a legal contract before the age of 18. However, the guardian could sign it. Yes, the owner might be hesitant as teenagers are not known to be good tenants.

  3. Landlord2005

    No sane landlord would allow that. It does not matter that other family lives in same property. These laws are not just about having someone around to supervise you. Until you are 18 or emancipated you cannot legally be bound to any legally binding contract like a lease.

  4. tro

    if the minor is legally emancipated the landlord might agree to it but normally most landlords will not rent to minors

  5. linkus86

    Its not illegal, but completely up to the individual landlord. Many will not due to liability issues.

  6. Ricki

    With a co-signor for the rent and enough money, anything is possible.

  7. JMITW

    parents can give minors permission to live independently...but if anything goes wrong, chances are the parent will be charged with neglect...also chances are a landlord won't agree to it

  8. Lou C. Ferr

    No. It would be illegal. Minors can't sign contracts.

  9. Kit

    If the apartment was under the name of the guardian then yes it is legal

  10. Robt

    Not happening here legally maybe in ur country

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