How many times can you LEGALLY change your name before people start to think you're suspicious?

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  1. She Dances With LOVE

    If you are thinking about doing this several times... be sure to consider; what kind of mess you would create for your loved ones.... in the event of your early demise....

    as so many documents do need to be produced; for the government; insurance companies; etc...

    it's not so easy.... so be certain to call the governing agencies asking what they would require to untangle the red tape! It could be an awful situation for grieving families to go through.... in addition; such a pain as some of these agencies give people such a bad time with one change! See a lawyer as well.

    If there is something you wanna be freed from look for legal counsel....

    Now if your name is Mike Chomershiskichuck be certain to.... go about this in the right way...
    don't be silly and change your name to Luke Chomerschiskichuck.... okay!! lol

  2. Lady A

    Depends on the reason for the name change. Some women get married 5 or 6 times and change their names every time. If you just keep racking up aliases it's going to start raising eyebrows after awhile.

  3. WRG

    I'd be suspicious after one. A judge would likely be as well.

  4. freemason

    In the U.K., the government does not like polish people and they want them to anglicize their name and change their religion

    They also don't want polish people speaking in public because hooligans can attack and kill polish people while the government does nothing

    Its similar in Canada where racist people blame poles for working hard and being successful. The racists want polish people to change their names too and only speak English. It's similar to how polish people were restricted from practicing their religion and culture when Nazi Germany occupied Poland with the Soviet Union.

    The racists would build death camps and put polish people in them if they could just like Hitler did.

  5. Anonymous

    When you change your name it's a legal process and you have to provide a reason for the change. The judge can accept or reject it

  6. ZoraK

    Depends. If a woman gets married 5 times, changes her name each time right before her husbands die in mysterious accidents, I would say 5.

  7. ☯≈♥∞☼

    the first time you change your name it would make people curious; anything more than once is suspicious.

  8. laughter_every_day

    some people will find the first time to be suspicious

  9. Danielxander

    just one

    *discounting women getting married twice or more

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