Is this a small rear derailleurcage or a medium derailuer cage?

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  1. Old Hippie

    Count the number of teeth on low gear. If the cassette has 32 teeth on low gear, it could be either a medium or a long cage. If it has more than 32 teeth (like 34 or more) it's a long cage. As others have brought up, next time take a photo from the GEARED SIDE - like this...

  2. David

    A pic from the opposite side - preferably better lit - would have made it ever so much easier to judge.
    It'd probably be faster for you to look it over real close for a model name, and run a search on that as it would to take a new pic and upload that. But that's your choice.

    Meanwhile I'd guess it's a medium cage.

  3. Mtrlpqbiker

    Take a picture from the other side, better lit and not from an angle. Could be a long cage, but all you can see is a shadowy blob

  4. bikeworks

    Based on the gear ratio it looks like a long cage.

  5. Jib Jab

    Take a photo from the opposite side next time.

  6. John M

    No idea you have to look at the model number on the derailleur.

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