Why is the moon so big tonight?

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  1. Jim.Moor

    The distance to the moon changes slightly.

    On average, the Moon is about 238,800 miles from the Earth. However, because of the elliptical shape of the Moon's orbit, the actual distance varies throughout the year.

    Sep 18 10:07 AM 361,890 km 224,868 mi
    This means it actually is fairly close, so it looks bigger.

    Also, it's a full moon, so it appears larger as well.

    All moons of the year have a name, this one is the harvest moon.

  2. Mark G

    Because it's full and low to the horizon which causes an optical illusion that it is bigger than it is. It's called a harvest Moon

  3. Scott

    Harvest moon. It just looks bigger because this is the earliest you see it, and it's close to the horizon. If you were to reach out an arm's length and cover it with a coin, it's no bigger than any other day of the year.

  4. Name

    Harvest Moon, the closet full moon to the fall equinox

  5. David Munitz

    The moon is large in general

  6. quantumclaustrophobe

    You're probably seeing it close to the horizon; when it's low, your eye and mind compare it to known objects - mountains, trees, buildings - and make compares it to them; you *think* it looks bigger, but in reality it's about the same size as it is when it's directly overhead. (When it's away from those objects...)

  7. Bob

    when it's low on the horizon the atmosphere acts like a lens, magnifying it

  8. Bill

    Full moon's always look bigger.

  9. nezhtal

    It's the same size it always is.

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