Why do Capricorn men go after Gemini and Sagittarius women a lot?

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  1. Been There
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    You have to look at the synastry aspects between this Sun-in-Capricorn man's 10 planets and his Ascendant AND those planets in each SPECIFIC woman's personal birthchart.

    The idea that signs have anything to do with compatibility is just a commercial scam to make money off of the public. And you have seen for yourself .. these signs are NOT supposed to be attracted to each other.
    But the astrological synastry aspects between the timed birthcharts for two individuals . that lays out in great detail why there is attraction, harmony AND discord between two individuals.

    But you can't tell that from just the Sun signs.

  2. Jen Joyce

    Have no idea. I always seem to attract Capricorns and I'm an Aquarius. Maybe opposites attract.

  3. Anonymous

    They don't. Capricorn men tend to go after Virgo women.

    The best match for a Capricorn man is a Virgo woman.
    The best match for a Virgo woman is a Capricorn man.

  4. Petra

    Do they? Says who?

  5. Anonymous

    Only the desperate dumb ones...

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