I threw a rock high in the sky and hit the moon. You believe that sh!t also??

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  1. Sarah Wise - Leo The

    Depends on the interpretation of it in the different countries because in the US, equality seems to be related to materialism, whereas in NZ, it's related to balance and just the feeling of being an equal by getting things done as part of a team or an individual.

    Foreigners in NZ find the workplace culture as well as the Kiwi-english and type of communication that occurs between kiwi bosses and kiwi subordinates bizarre, actually.

    The egalitarian nature of it is disadvantageous tho, in the sense that it holds NZ back from growing in strength, economically. Some people care about this, and some don't.

  2. mister-damus

    I don't believe that will ever happen, but there is nothing wrong with making it a goal.

    After all, who would have believe that we would have evolved from the feudal system?

    Continual improvement of our society is a worthy goal.

  3. True Blue Brit

    It's a goal and something to aim for. We've come a long way from the days of serfs and slaves. You have to start somewhere and if all you can do is treat those around you well, that's a first step.

  4. KJack

    If it makes you feel any better, we're almost at 8 billion now and still growing....

  5. Ya Coffee

    Just because an ethical good goal is idealistic and not likely to be achieved 100% in our lifetime does not mean we should throw it out and stomp on people, piss and crap on them and use and abuse their bodies with callous sexual selfishness, destroy their souls with our bullying and push them to suicide because we think FALSELY think they are inferior to us. People who think in black and white like this are what make the world an uglier, nastier, meaner and more hurtful place.

  6. Anonymous

    That will never happen. This equality movement is BS.

  7. Disregard Males

    Shoot for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud.

    -Kanye West

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