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In Japan, how can they tell if someone is a half-Japanese and half-foreigner? What if they speak Japanese fluently and live and Japan?

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  1. Vinegar Taster

    You carry around a cotton swab and ask them to rub the inside of their mouth with it . Send it in for a DNA test ...
    Seriously , if they have Chinese / Korean parents , you usually can't tell . My GF's best friend is married to a Korean . Her son could pass for Japanese or Korean .
    FYI , Koreans / Chinese born in Japan are often not thought of as being Japanese .

  2. Paulh

    what if they are born to a Chinese or Korean parent (who are essentially foreigners) they will be indistinguishable from native born japanese. some children born to Caucasian-Japanese parents can pass for japanese- my son is a 'hafu' and has darkish brown hair (many Japanese dye their hair from black to all sorts of other colors) and looks "Japanese" on first sight.
    Many like him also speak Japanese as a first language.

    PS also add the politician Renho whose father is Taiwanese.

  3. michinoku2001

    LOL-Japanese people think Saduharu Oh is Japanese, so there's your answer right there.

  4. Rona Lachat

    By sight?
    By DNA Analysis.
    Asking for documentation of ancestors.

    Caucasian people can speak Japanese.
    If you can speak Italian you can speak all the sounds in Japanese.
    Why are you concerned if the the neighbor knows someone is half something else.

    Many people are guests in Japan and LIVE there for a long time. Some are fluent in Japanese.
    If not sure you can ask.

    For the purpose of getting citizenship or immigration you present your proof.

    About 1.6% of Japan's total legal resident population are foreign citizens.

  5. Louis Irving

    It may not be obvious, if they are half-Japanese, half-Chinese or Korean or so. However, if they are, half-American, or half-German, it's pretty easy to see from their facial features.

  6. Steve


  7. Chris P

    They can ask to see the birth certificates and citizenship documents of the person's parents.

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