Thanks. My voice is very montonous and I sound like a robot when I speak. I can't really keep a conversation going and I am not good at starting one. Sometimes I will stutter, speak to quiet or to loud. I want to make friends and be more outgoing. I want to meet new people and get out more. I do work sometimes...

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  1. liamhhh38

    Join a small group then the more confident you get join bigger ones trust me it's not as scary as you think people are thinking the same as you at groups and just want to make friends

  2. just

    You need lots of money. That's the only way you can really get friends. Go to school and get a stem job.

  3. Anonymous

    Don't worry the funk your3 in will be gone soon!

  4. Anonymous

    Try, you meet people and get out and try new things with them. You're welcome.

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