Guys !!! Stop picking on my friend. You are free to give your opinion. My friend is a wonderful person. I won't tolerate abuse of any sort towards mankind.

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  1. Anonymous
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    Hmm moving to another country is expensive and not just to the US. You have to buy a new house, get a new job and buy a car (if you drive). From my experience as a student in the us (it was during the 9/11 time), well, it was OK (remember I was there when 9/11 happened). In my city, people are more friendly than the people in my country. Getting documents were also easy. I went to a social security office and they sent me a social security card by mail. to be short, living in the us is more practical than living in my country. Getting things done faster and people work fast and professional.

    Make a living in the us was not so easy for foreigners though. You have to get some kind a university degree to get a job. American employees won't consider you if you have a degree from a foreign country. I'm serious about this. The good thing I was pursuing a master degree from an american university which then gave me a job at a medium size company in the US. I was given a permit to work for a year which then I used and then I went home because the US was at war (with iraq).

  2. ibu guru

    Your friend is lying to you. He does NOT pay a penny more than any other American for anything. Something could easily cost 10 times more in the US than in his own country, but there is NO way he pays 10 times more for anything in the US than anyone else living in the US.

    E.g. if he is a legal resident (green card holder), & has been a resident of the state where he goes to school for more than a year (some states require 2 yrs residency), then he pays in-state tuition at any state university, same as any other in-state resident.

    He's full of hooey, and you need to stop encouraging him to lie, be deceptive.

  3. Brother_Hesekiel

    Your friend is full of sh*t.
    That being said, most Americans are glad if somebody believes that life in the US is in no way better than in their home country. Moving to the US should only people who at the bottom of their heart believe that the United States is the best country on Earth.

  4. Foofa

    If your friend is paying ten times more in taxes than the average citizen it's because he's reporting ten times the income (and hasn't figured out that tax loopholes are the American way). You might ask yourself if your friend just doesn't want you following in his footsteps.

  5. GerryMander

    No, it isn't worth it. They should stay where they are.

  6. Lisa A

    Your good friend is telling you fairy stories.

  7. Anonymous

    your friend is full of crap

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